Been and gone, let her go
She’s not coming back
Stop waiting for a call or text
Calm down, chill out, relax

There’s nothing you can say or do
No magic wand or potion
No pleading words, or promises
That door’s been locked, won’t open.

No matter what you try to do
It won’t ever be the same.
No chains that bind, could hold her back
She’s never going to change.

On the prowl, then and now
In search of someone new
The sparkle, once delighting her
No longer found in you.

A broken heart, a hit and run
Shards lying on the floor
She never shed a single tear
Just walked right out the door.


Image from Google Images: bicyclecoalition.org

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

3 thoughts on “HIT AND RUN”

  1. Heyy Patty!!
    I hope safety hugs you tightly as you read this.
    It’s been really long since you wrote… Welcome Back!! 🙂
    This piece is heart-wrenching and beautifully penned. Loved it!❤

    Stay safe, healthy and happy!
    Lots of love


    1. Hi! Thank you sooooo much!!!!
      Yeah, it’s been awhile! I’ve been sheltering in! Was inspired to write again , by…..
      LP (American singer/ songwriter)!
      Laura Pergolizzi. Google her!
      Song : Lost On You! Love her lyrics!
      Indie tunes! Has her own style!
      Hope you’re well! Stay safe! 💜


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