I know you said you’re sorry
Didn’t mean to be so cruel
All the times I listened to ya
You played me for such a fool.

I should’a left you sooner
Boxed it up and headed home
Didn’t want to let you go
Didn’t want to be alone.

So much glitter, so much charm
All the prestige you portrayed
Always hanging off the edge
Always feeling so afraid.

All my time and my affection
Nothing left to give myself
Always  craving my attention
You took it all, all for yourself.

Can’t go back, I can’t start over
There’s no way to try again
I’ve had enough of being lied to
I don’t want to be just friends.

Don’t try… don’t text or call me
There’s nothing left to say
Some things just aren’t worth saying
If you care, just walk away.


Photo by Google Images: openspotify.com


WALK ON BY … Diana Krall

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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