Why have you started calling?
I was better off before
You don’t really want me
Why you knocking on my door?

Said you’re feeling lonely
Told me that we’re through
Now you’re coming over
What am I suppose to do?

What the hell do you want?
What are you looking for?
You don’t really want me.
Why you knocking on my door?

Cheating is your strong suit
You know just what to do
You know just how to play me
Know  I’ll give in to you.

She’s at home …..  in your bed
Why don’t you go  back home?
Why stand in front of my door?
If you care, leave me alone.

You have no intentions
Of getting back with me
Just taking what you want to
I’m begging you to leave.

My heart’s already broken
You took my pride,  my soul
You know I can’t stand up to you
One  touch and I will fold.

I’m not what you wanted
Don’t start this all again
You know where this is headed
You know how this will end.

Don’t text, email or call me
I was better off  before
Please don’t put me through this
Stop knocking on my door!


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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