Heading down the highway
At mach five or ten
I can see you in your Mustang
Coming fast around the bend.

No match for men …. half your age
Always  left them in the dust
No waiting round for hours
For things to turn to rust.

Thoughtful, kind, so generous
Always there to help
Putting everyone ahead
Ahead of you…. yourself.

Screwdrivers and hammers
Some pliers or a crowbar
Tools you always carried
In your pocket or your car.

You’d offer to help anyone
Fix their TV or their floor
Their lawnmower or picket fence
Their table or screen door.

No job too big or too small
You’d always find the time
You’d help your friends or family
Never asking for a dime.

Most of all…. you loved your trains
A well respected Engineer
Whether driving or repairing
Your devotion was quite clear.

That’s how you’ll be remembered
The red scarf, blue overalls
Manning the locomotive
Your true purpose and your call.

Down the tracks straight ahead
There across the railroad bridge
The whistle blows, to let us know
You made it, yes you did.


Photo by Patty Richardson.
With love to Richie Maggs!

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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