Don’t bother coming over
Too late I’ve changed my mind
Don’t want to waste my morning
As you sit there and you whine.

You’re wasting time floundering
Flailing and thrashing about
I’ve got better things to do
Things I  can do  without.

Without your constant bickering
Complaints that things aren’t fair
Frankly, I have had it
And I really just don’t care.

Get your act together
Before it gets too late
Time is passing you on by
You’ve got no time to wait.

Watching from a distance
There’s nothing I can do
I’ve tried, I’ve tried to help you
But, I simply can’t get through.

Up all night, still playing games
Unleashed, unnerved, unbridled
Doing what you want to do
Because you are entitled.

But life is brief, brief at best
It will catch up to you
Like Karma it will bring about
All that you’re rightly due.


photo by Google Images: medium.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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