Believing you was easy
All the lies you told
Everything I wanted
All the silver and the gold.

A fantasy, a nightmare
My dreams at last came true
But, found myself a prisoner
Entrapped, in love with you.

Nothing that I wanted
Mattered much at all
I was there to please you
There at your beckoned call.

No contact with my family
You made sure of that
Made me turn and walk away
There was no looking back.

I followed like a puppy
Never thinking of myself
Until the day I realized
I needed to get help.

Your angry moods, the rage within
The outburst and ill temper
Made my life unbearable
I’d sit alone and whimper.

Called 911, police arrived
I filed for a court order
You were told to stay away
But, one day you ignored it.

I turned around and there you were
My heart began to race
You were in my living room
We stood there face to face.

I quickly turned, I tried to run
I screamed aloud for help
But, no one came to rescue me
Had to defend myself.

I opened up the kitchen drawer
Pulled out a butcher knife
Told you to slowly back away
I feared now for my life.

I heard you laugh one last time
I had to…. can’t you see?
I plunged the knife into your chest
So scared that you’d kill me.

They came for you, took you away
In a large, black, body bag
In my mind I still can hear
Your evil, parting laugh.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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