Wish I never met you
Can’t shake the thought of you
Gotta find some answers
Figure out just what to do.

Your voice, that look, that devilish grin
They haunt me all day long
I have to face the bitter truth
It’s over…now you’re gone.

To think of you with someone else
Is making me insane
But when we were together
All I felt was hurt and shame.

Does she know about me?
What secrets have you shared?
All the things I told you
When I thought that you still cared.

Damaged and heartbroken
I should have seen the signs
But I was tricked and blinded
By the candlelight and wine.

Those clever night maneuvers
You’ve played this game before
You knew what you were doing
Kept me crying out for more.

Wish I never met you
I‘m seething with regret
The constant nagging memories
Still linger in my head.

All I ever wanted
Now my deepest, darkest sin.
Foolishly I fell for you
I let the devil in.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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