I don’t want to see you
Or get too close to you
Whatda’ya want from me
Or think I’m gonna do?

I signed all your papers
I gave you everything
It was on the…up and up
No catches and no strings.

I don’t need to see you
Just hit me up by phone
Don’t show up here…all Gucci cool
Thinking I’m alone.

Leave a cell phone message
Or better yet, a text
Don’t know, what you are up to
Or what is coming next.

Whatever you are planning
Please just make it quick
Tell me what you want or need
Or what the hell …you did.

You’re all about the drama
Your name up there in lights
Don’t need your phony, sweet talk
A payback, or a huge fight.

Use your cell phone or computer
Send an email or a letter
A simple phone text… meant for me
Is probably much better.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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