Living with guilt
Living with shame
Feeling unwanted
Though you’re not to blame.

Ignored and abandoned
Embarrassed to tears
Years of remorse
The emergence of fear.

Learning she cheated
And wants a divorce
Taking your friends
Your dog and your horse.

Told that you’re fat
Can’t button your pants
Missing the plane
That’s leaving for France.

Failing a test
With no second chance
Living alone
No love or romance.

Losing your dog
Down at the park
Losing your way
When it’s cold and it’s dark.

Looking your worst
Running into your Ex
When you look a mess
And she looks her best.

Watching the two
While they’re holding hands
Thinking of them
And their wedding plans.

It could be worse
So just hang on tight
Try to be happy
If just for one night.


Photo by Google Images: favpng.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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