Sheltering in
Please stay away
Don’t knock on my door
Please no, not today.

No friends stopping over
No parties to plan
No trips to the beach
I’m losing my tan.

Staying inside
I keep to myself
Keeping my distance
Protecting my health.

Lonely at times
Tired of TV
Playing board games
And feeling lonely.

Don’t want to get sick
Don’t want to die
All I can do
Is sit here and cry.

Can’t go to work
They laid me off
Can’t go to the bar
Or even play golf.

Where’s the vaccine?
What are we to do?
How long will it take
A month, maybe two?

Wearing a mask
Even some gloves
Don’t want to take chances
Enough is enough.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “SHELTERING IN”

  1. I share your thoughts and emotions. I am finding that if I can get out in the car (I know, it’s not home, but it can be just as isolated), I can get to a place where I can enjoy nature for a few moments — that helps immensely!

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