When I think of what I did
I feel sick… so sick inside
For all the hurt and pain I caused
All the times I made you cry.

The hateful things you heard me say
All my cruel and thoughtless
I led you on …. I gave you hope
But in the end….I let you go.

When I stayed and hung around
I made you feel so low, so down
I always wanted something more
Too hard to please and often bored.

You deserved…. a better life
A bigger piece…. a bigger slice
I had no plan to stick around
To take on roots…. to settle down.

I cut you loose….the thing to do
Cause I just wasn’t into you
But now I have so much regret
I always will … I can’t forget.

When I looked into your eyes
I stood there and watched you cry
How could I simply  walk away?
I can’t forget that shameful day.

To say I’m sorry is not enough
You’ll always be the one I love
I’ll pay the price until I die
For all the times I made you cry.


Photo from Google Images: pinterest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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