She pulled into the driveway
In her old blue pick up truck
Wondered what was happening
Out of gas or out of luck.

Just got a brand new battery
A new muffler …. new tail lights
No matter what she tried to do
Things never turned out right.

Her dad died just two years ago
Her mom ten years before
All she had was that old truck of hers
Painted blue with one green door.

The farmhouse where she lived herself
Was five miles down the road
She managed her dad’s dairy farm
How she did it … no one knows.

No husband, friend or partner
She did it on her own
She worked all day … from dawn till dark
Lived by herself ….. alone.

A pretty girl, with long blonde hair
Her eyes an emerald green
Always wore a flannel shirt
Her boots and dirty jeans.

She wasn’t here for very long
Was heading into town
Wondered if I’d seen the vet
Or… if he’d been around.

Doc Bradley spent a lot of time
Down at the dairy farm
He recently fell off his horse
Heard he had broke his arm.

Said she baked an apple pie
In case he did stop by
So obvious to most of us
That he had caught her eye.

They seemed to be compatible
He was handsome and quite strong
She needed someone there with her
Now that her dad was gone.

Five years passed since they were wed
Have three kids, and a dog
Heard they got six goats last week
A donkey and a hog.

She still drives that old blue truck
Back and forth and into town
It takes her where she wants to go
Uses it …. to get around.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

6 thoughts on “AN OLD PICKUP TRUCK”

  1. Really I enjoyed this pretty girl life story. This is pathetic her mother and father died. But without that, other topic was nice like family life with kids, old blue truck, and dairy farm everything is just a dream life.

    Liked by 1 person

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