Now that it’s finally over
Now that you have moved on
I have to get used to this feeling
I have to face it …. you’re gone.

Can’t find the strength to keep going
Lying here….alone  on the floor
Hard to find a good reason
A reason to try anymore.

All of those nights at your mercy
Believing the things that you said
Wanting to be what you wanted 
Wanting to be in your bed.

Stripped down… exposed, unprotected
I gave everything I had … to you
Hearing you never really loved me
Hard to accept …. hard facing the truth.

Out of my mind, barely conscious
Is this all …. just a dream?
Is that you …. standing there in the distance?
Is anything at all….. what it seems?

Come back….I left the door open
It’s closed, but it isn’t locked
Don’t leave me here bludgeoned and battered
I’m bleeding out…. sadly in shock.

My heart now shattered…. in pieces
Scattered about…. everywhere
I’m feeling so broken …. now crippled
Unable to move … I don’t dare.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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