All the  lies and the deception
The empty promises you made
Like confetti in the wind
Nothing left that could be saved.

You said it was forever
Then severed all the ties
You turned and walked away
I sat alone … I wept … I cried.

Too much wine … too much sex
I should have never trusted you
You were a player … nothing more
You took my heart and my soul, too.

All the charm without emotion
That cunning smile upon your face
Every memory I recall 
I’m now so  desperate to erase.

All the trickery…. deceit
The wicked games that you play
All the nights there in your bed 
You plan ….. to always get your way.

Now she waits for you …. like I did
But you’re on to someone new
That’s because you’re just a player
And that’s what players … always do.


Photo by Google Images: wallpaperlist.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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