They say Garageband’s easy
Sure if you’re twenty three
Try teaching an old dog new tricks
She’s  approaching seventy.

Brain cells fog …. eyesight’s poor
She can barely hear a thing
But Granny rocks it all night long
She loves to dance and sing.

She wrote a song about lost love
All the heartbreak and the pain
Needs some drums …. a cymbal or two 
To add to the refrain.

Playbacks are a lot of fun
I can’t help but laugh
Granny and her microphone
The tempo ….  kinda fast.

What the hell?   It’s just for fun
A way to pass the time
Lyrics sweet …. the pitch is off
But the melody is fine.

Next she’ll make a video
Hope I’m around for that
It’s got to be hysterical
Called, “Granny and her Cats”!

Look for her on YouTube 
She’s got it going on
Instagram and iTunes
A venue for her songs. 


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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