What will it take
To break the spell
To save me from
This life of hell?

The constant fear
I can’t be free
I can’t escape
Can barely see.

Can’t see beyond
The memories
That plaque me daily

Wanting more
Not satisfied
Feeling like 
I’m paralyzed.

Can’t move forward 
Can’t go back
A victim of 
This heart attack.

A new beginning
A change of pace
Might help me to
Forget your face.

Your voice, your smile
That evil grin
I hear you laugh
Again and again.

Some sage, some herbs
An eye of newt
Will help me
To be free of you.

The potion
I will gladly drink
I swallow all 
No time to think.

I wake refreshed
My mind is clear
All thoughts of you
Have disappeared.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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