Try to find happiness
It’s time …. It’s been awhile
Life is so short
Find a reason to smile.

Don’t wait for tomorrow
Make the most of today
There’s got to be something
Do your best …. find a way.

Don’t wallow in heartache
Move around …. rearrange
It’s time to be happy
It’s time for a change.

Find joy in the small things
The old and the new
It’s within your grasp
It’s all up to you.

Let go of the sadness
Don’t give up or give in
Your life isn’t over
It’s about to begin.

Make the most of the time 
That’s been given to you
It’s not to be wasted
Find something to do.

Sort out your photos
Clean out your drawers
Read a good book
Or go to the store.

Wake up …. make your bed
Have some coffee or  tea
Find a reason to be happy
Find a reason to believe.


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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