You were taken so abruptly
There was no time to say goodbye
I can’t believe this happened
I can’t help but wonder why.

All the daily jobs and chores
You took care of every one 
Now I have to figure out
How to somehow get things done.

Just the simple daily tasks
The yard work and the trash
If I dare to need instructions 
You’re not here for me to ask.

Dinner still at six
Even though you won’t be home
I sit at the table by myself
I eat my dinner all alone.

The nights so hard to deal with
I hear every creak and every sound
No one comes to visit
No one’s called or been around.

So lonely here without you
All I have are photographs
I miss your smile, your tenderness
The way you made me laugh.

It’s a lot for me to deal with
I don’t know just what to do
I feel so sad and lonely
So lonely without you.


Photo from Google Images: depositphotos.com


“Something You Get Through” by Willie Nelson.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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