Don’t mess with our mail
Our letters and cards
We need correspondence 
Don’t make this so hard.

Don’t tamper…. destroy
Impede or delay
We wait for our mail
To arrive everyday.

Letters from lawyers
Books …. medications
Please don’t disrupt
And cause complications.

Voting by mail
An option …. a right 
Why instigate
A protest or fight?

You won’t get far
Manipulating the ballots
We’re on to you
We simply won’t have it!

Don’t mess with our mail
Our postage…. our clerks
None of your tactics
Against us will work.

We send and  receive
Cards, photos and letters
Announcements and packages
Whether good or bad weather.

Through rain …. or through snow
Through sleet….. or through hail
Our postal workers
Will deliver our mail.


Photo by Google Images: wsj.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

2 thoughts on “OUR MAIL”

  1. This is well written and I like the voice it has – also like the layout 🙂 Ah Trump… what an awful situation to be in – keep expressing yourself, people are listening.



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