You wanted to go
You’d risk it all
The grass ….. a bit greener
You could stumble and fall.

Not any better
Just taller than most
I knew you were chasing
A vision, a ghost.

Down by the river
There under the bridge 
Forced into the landscape
There you were wedged.

I tried but I couldn’t 
Pull you out in time
The water …. the current
The mud and the slim.

The moss on the rocks
Was your saving grace
You were able to push free
You made your escape.

You continued the journey
She was there on dry land
Her dress flowing freely
With another man.

He wasn’t her father
You knew from afar
He was her new lover
Her shining bright star.

You walked home alone
Feeling cold and upset
Now you would deal with
The loss and regret.


Photo from Google Images: futurism.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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