Talk to me
Tell me the truth
I’m trying hard…to get over you.

Forget the spin
Forget the lying
I can’t stop …. myself from crying. 

Stop touching me
Don’t say those words
Don’t leave it open ….   don’t infer.

You don’t love me
Why did you lie
Knowing you would ….. say goodbye?

You go to her
Lie in her bed
What have you told her? …. What have you said?

No empathy
Bold face lies
No problem looking …. into my eyes.

Believing you
The trust …. the shame
Knowing it …. was all a game.

How could you
Let me ….. bear my soul
How could you be…. so cruel, so cold?

So intimate
I let you in 
What you’ve done…. a crime , a sin.

Callous, harsh
No feelings of love
You took what you wanted…. till you had enough.

The charm and the smile
I fell  hard for you 
I did what you wanted …. what you told me to.

Embarrassed, ashamed 
Complete devastation
Drawn into your web of greed and deception.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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