Walking to the beach
Fierce waves rolling in
Dark clouds above 
A howling …. savage wind.

Sand …. like bits of glass
Swirling in the air
Sting my face and eyes
Blowing swiftly through my hair.

The distant buoy rocks
Seems to flail about
The fog horn in the distance
Can still be heard …. it’s loud. 

An eerie winter night
The moon behind the clouds
The light comes and goes
Shining through …. though in and out.

A scarf across my face
My hands within my pockets 
The chill is in the air
I had buttoned up my jacket.

No one is on the beach
A lone bird …. struggles up above
Late to look for cover
Looks like a small, white dove

I call out your name
I look up and down the beach
There’s no sign of you
I begin to cry …. to weep.

Hope you changed your mind
Hope you went back  home
Not a night to wander
To wander out alone. 


Photo from Google images: mungosaysbah.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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