Can’t fall asleep
He’s at it again
Ranting and raving
Plotting to win.

Every night
Alone …. here with you
I’m wide awake
Don’t know what to do.

No problem for you
Passed out …. sound asleep
I’ve spent the last hour 
Counting black and white sheep.

The chaos within
The fear and concern
He’s talking about staying
Another full term.

He is  the cause
How many are dead?
He is responsible for
The noise in my head.

Won’t wear a mask
Thinks he’s immune
When will this be over
I pray …. very soon.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

13 thoughts on “CAN’T FALL ASLEEP”

  1. Here in the UK I hark back to the days when politicians had to have a proper job and a normal life before running for office. All countries have their political crosses to bear… but I don’t envy you yours.

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  2. It’ll soon be all over Patty and you’ll have a man in charge who at least has a human side and intends to correct some mistakes. Forget the Trump and get some sleep.
    Huge Hugs


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