Vicious and vile
That cold callous smile
The lies and deceit
The mocking …. the greed.

So clear …. bold …. transparent
His vengeance apparent
The need to control
His message is cold.

Denial and projection
Diversion …. rejection
Admonish …. pervert
Doesn’t care who gets hurt.

Out for himself
Acquiring more wealth
Winner takes all
No bridges …. just walls.

A racist agenda
Doesn’t care who’s offended
Cavorting with Putin
So clear …. what he’s doing.

Emollients clause
Ignored ….. he takes all
He won’t take the blame
He doesn’t feel shame.

Selfish and heartless
Who knew …. he would start this?
Our demise in the making
All his …. for the taking.

He’s mentally ill
Damaged …. impaired
You should be frightened
You should be scared.

The numbers are rising
The death toll is high
Stop listening to
His banter …. his lies. 


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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