It’s done ….. he’s walked away
He’s not going to reconsider
They seldom ever do
He’s already gone …. he’s with her.

Don’t waste his time or yours
Can’t you see that he’s moved on?
There’s no point in sitting there
Sadly waiting by the phone.

Stop punishing yourself
It doesn’t really matter
What the reasons are
When your heart is crushed and shattered.

Don’t stay awake at night
Tell yourself that you need closure
He’s not interested in you
He’s not planning to come over.

You have questions left unanswered?
No one cares about the reasons 
The outcome is the same
They won’t stop the wound from bleeding.

You think that he’s ….”the one”
But that simply isn’t true 
There’s something more that’s out there
Waiting there for you.

If it was meant to be
He’d be there with you
Don’t wait around and wonder 
What he’s thinking …what he’ll do.

Looking for a way
Hoping he might change his mind 
Is nothing less than tragic
A complete …. waste of your time.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.


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