Left alone …. stranded here
Knowing you no longer care
Hard to face the bitter truth
That I lost… yes, I lost you.

Been betrayed …. hurt and maimed
It was you …. who was to blame.
Never thought …. to be afraid
Of that sharp, steel …. cold, thin blade.

Yielded … held up to my throat
Not so funny …. not so dope
How’d I get there …. get there from here
None of this was ever clear.

I believed …. I trusted you
Never dreamed what you would do
Under pressure …. without air
Feeling lost …. feeling scared.

No not you …. it couldn’t be
The one who’d go …. walk out on me
Been  misled …. walked into this
It all started …. with a kiss.

All along…. all the while
Convinced …. bewitched by your sweet smile
Beckoned, charmed, tricked and cajoled
I gave up …. my heart and soul.

Still can’t believe …it could be you
Who’d walk out …. who’d say we’re through
Never thought you’d be the one
Who’d say it’s over …. who’d point the gun.  

One through the chest 
One through the heart
I should have known
Right from the start.

Blindsided … fooled …. coerced by love
I thought we had …. had just enough.
Pick your poison …. drug of choice
Enamored with your words …. your voice

All at once …. the lack of reason 
So satisfying …. so damn right pleasing.
Unsuspecting …. without warning
So attractive …. so disarming

You were here
Then you were gone
It didn’t last
For very long.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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