You’re a mystery …. an  illusion
A dream …. a mere mirage
A figment of my imagination
A photo in my collage.

Picture perfect image
No blemishes or marks
You come alive at midnight
Best encountered in the dark.

Mesmerized …. enchanted
By your voice …. your touch ….. your charm
No need to be persuaded
No need to twist my arm.

Welcomed to your chamber
Your den …. your cave …. abode
Down beneath the surface
Where the air is clear …. but cold.

You wrap your arms around me
My heart begins to race
I can see that you are smiling
I can see your pretty face.

We are there for hours
Time suspended …. standing still
Doesn’t feel like we will ever leave
I don’t believe we ever will.

But, I awake to find the sun is up
Alone …. now in my bed
I recall the night together
Everything that you had said.

A memory…. a recollection
A dream I had …. came true
We spent the night together
I was at last …. alone with you.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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