Your face …. tattooed on my arm
Your name across my chest
Thought that you were different
So different than the rest.

Tried to wipe the memories
Away with alcohol
Still looking at my cell phone
Still hoping you might call.

Inscribed in ink …. so permanent
Never thought you’d ever leave
Hung on every single word
Made myself believe.

All the lies …. the promises
A ruse …. the perfect scam
You plotted every move you made
From the start … you had a plan.

Maneuvers …. strategic …. oh so smooth
You’ve done this all before
You took all that you wanted
Then walked right out the door.

Left me with the perfect scar
Your face …. your name in ink
Overwhelmed, enchanted
I had no time to think.

Evil …. yet so beautiful
A nightmare in plain sight
A goddess in the mirror
Haunts me every night.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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