That night on the beach
Didn’t know I was sober
Till I looked in your eyes
I knew then it was over.

The sudden shock
When I realized
Things weren’t the same
You cheated … you lied.

I wanted to run
Didn’t know what to do
Couldn’t believe
That I had lost you.

Wanted to cry
Didn’t know what to say
Wanted to tell you
You fucked up my day.

Spent our vacation
Diving for shells
You played it straight
Thought I couldn’t tell.


But I knew…. yeah, I knew
You had found somebody new.

It was clear …. it was real
It was over  …. with  you.

That slight hesitation
When we kissed good night 
Before turning over
You said, “Not tonight”.

You kept your phone close 
That familiar sweet smile
When you got a text
After waiting awhile.

Somebody new…
The thrill of it all
That anxious response
When you got a call.

On the plane home
You read your book
I knew it was over
Over for good.


Yeah, I knew…. yes , I knew
You’d found somebody new.

It was clear …. it was real
It was over  ….  with  you.


Photo from Google Images: pinterest.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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