Karen … such a busy body
Can’t keep things to herself
Why can’t you mind your business?
Who’s asking for your help?

Butting in and looking on
Always on patrol
Can’t manage when you’re not in charge
Always in control. 

Eavesdropping ….. intruding
Always adding your two cents 
Who asked for your opinion?
This behavior has to end.

Too quick to pass judgment 
Without knowing all the facts
Surmising and concluding
You lack couth and have no tact.

Surveillance is your pastime
Spying is your game
You keep tabs on everyone
You know each one by name.  

You are a true Budinski
A snoop …. a peeping Tom
A  wolf wearing sheep’s clothing 
Always knows what’s going on.

You need to watch your manners
You’re offensive and quite rude
Stop being so damn nosey
Find something else to do.


Photo from Google Images: alamy.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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