Broken….. crushed beyond repair
Facing that ….. you just don’t care
Devastated… badly bruised
Realized that ….. I’ve been used.

Hard to accept …. the bitter truth
I was duped …. got played  by you
Can’t let go ….. of memories
Never dreamt ….. that you’d hurt me.

Thought that we ….. would be enough
Thought that we ….. were both in love
You got bored …. you needed more 
You pushed me out…. right out the door.

Met her at a local bar
Was close by…. it wasn’t far
After work ….. on your  way home
I sat waiting …. home alone.

You turned on …. that sly sweet charm
Didn’t have to twist her arm
She was easily seduced
How well I know …. that side of you.

Unsuspecting ….. easily led
You took her …. took her to bed
She held on tight …. you made her come
You like em skinny … you like em young.

From left field…. how could she know?
She had no clue… you’d up and go
You led her on …. showed no remorse
You simply closed …. then locked the door.


Photo from Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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