Hey, Baby! What’s been happening?
Where’d ya get that swag?
Hook me up … What’s the link?
That’s one sweet leather bag. 

Where ya been? Was texting ya
Done copped some kryptonite
Busy later ? I’ll stop by
You be home tonight?

Where ya going? What’s your hurry?
Got no time for friends?
If you got plans to dis me, girl
You better  think again.

I’m your future …. I’m your past
You be thinking who you are
You ain’t going nowhere
Till I check out that scar.

Who did your tat? Looks good on  you 
I like that one the best
The way the snake curls round your arm
Then ends up on your chest.

That’s my girl!  Always thinking
I’ll see ya later on
Come on boys …. light her up
Let’s try out that bong.


Photo from Google Images: tattooswin.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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