Remembering that first night
The night when we first met
I hung on every single word
Every  single word you said.

The chemistry …. the way I felt
Overwhelmed with lust and passion
Seeing you that first time 
Aroused a strong attraction. 

I would’ve done almost anything
Anything to be with you
I would’ve done almost anything 
Anything you said to do.

Overpowered ….. all consumed
I wasn’t thinking straight
Before I knew it …. you moved in
By then …. it was too late.

It took awhile to realize
I was in over my head
Regretted running into you 
That night…. the night we met.

Love bombed,  seduced and confused
Like a spider in your web
Trapped, tricked and paralyzed
A prisoner in your bed.

It took some  time to see the truth
You weren’t …. who I thought you were
By then you were gone… you left me
Left me to be with her.


Photo by Google Images:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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