Let’s walk down to the jetty
We’ll leave our shoes here…. on the steps
Let’s walk along the beach …. barefoot
Who cares if we get wet? 

Feel the sun …. the cool.. sweet breeze
While on the sandy shore
Walk along ….. close beside me
That’s what summer days are for.

I love your smile …. your laugh so tender
The color of your hair
Wanting to be close to you
Trying hard …. hard not to stare. 

We climbed the rocks together
On the jetty …. near the cave
We stood beside each other
Felt the sprinkle of the waves.

It was dark and somewhat cold inside
You began to shiver
I gave you my jacket …said you’d be warm
It has a hood and a front zipper.

Before too long… we headed back
The tide was coming in
Almost dusk … getting dark
The day was soon to end.

Back on the beach …. a gold sunset
The moon in the distance above
I wanted to tell you how I felt
That I was falling so deeply in love.

We walked back under the moonlight
Walking barefoot in the sand 
You said that it was ….. a perfect day 
Then reached out and held my hand.


Photo from Google Images: alamy.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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