Let’s walk down to the jetty
We’ll leave our shoes on the boardwalk steps
Let’s walk along the beach together
Who cares if our feet get wet? 

Feel the sun and the cool summer breeze
Smell the sea …. watch the waves
come to shore
Walk beside me …. feel the wind in your hair
Don’t you know …. that’s what summer is  for? 

I love your smile and the way that you laugh
The color of your long, curly hair
Feeling you close …. wanting you to be closer
Trying so hard ….  not to stare. 

I reached for your hand …. as we climbed the rocks 
Piled high ….. to block the waves
I pulled you up …. then you let go
As we both walked toward the cave.

It was dark and felt somewhat cold inside
I could see ….. you had started to shiver
I took out my jacket from my backpack
The one with the gold and grey zipper.

I put my jacket around your shoulders
I longed to hold you next to me
But I knew …. it was better not to rush you
And to let things happen gradually. 

Before long … we had to get going
The tide would soon block our return
It was almost dusk …. when we started to leave
The waves were beginning to churn.

Back on the beach …. the sun set on the horizon
The moon glowing in the distance above
I wanted to tell you how I felt about you
That I was so deeply and passionately in love.

But I didn’t want to appear too aggressive
Turn you off …. or turn you away
So I kept silent about my feelings
Being careful about what to say. 

We walked back in the dark together
Slowly …. we walked barefoot in the sand 
You said that it was ….. a perfect day 
Then reached out and held my hand.


Photo from Google Images: alamy.com

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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