You turned off the lights
Unlocked the door
You let her in
You needed more.

Never enough
The pleasure …. the pain
The thrill of desire
Of starting again.

A loss of interest
A matter of time
She came along
The one next in line.

Break out the wine 
Spare no expense
She’ll be impressed
Feelings intense.

Like nothing before
Her head will be spinning
You’ll make her feel great
Right from the beginning.

One night in the dark
The longing ….. the fire
She’ll do what you want
She’ll want to get higher.

No where on earth 
Has she ever been
Beyond the clouds
Where the air’s so thin.

So thrilling ….. addicting 
So intoxicating 
The power of lust
So captivating. 

Without a doubt
Pushed to the brink
With no time at all
To stop and think.

The clock will be ticking
But she’ll have no clue
This feeling won’t last
No …. never with you.


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Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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