You were never truly mine 
I held on way too tight
Too much, too soon …. I should have known
I should have seen the light.

I couldn’t breathe …. I couldn’t see
Nothing mattered much to me
Wished that we had never met
Wished that you had let me be.

Love lost …. denied .… then cast away
You were …. as cold as ice
You set your sights …. then followed thru
Your aim was quite precise. 

Such easy prey .… so vulnerable
A mere open invitation
The warning signs were clearly there
Was lured into temptation.

Foolishly…. yes, I gave in
I couldn’t pull away
Hung onto every single word 
Everything you had to say.

Now time is up .… you’re on your way
You’ve found somebody new
Someone naive and innocent
Who will fall in love with you.

That’s your game…your M.O.
You’re quite the lone contender
A player ….. heartless through and through
Who thrives on sweet surrender.


Photo: bing.com/images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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