Love sleeping close beside you
In the morning before dawn
See your head upon the pillow
Your skin so soft and warm. 

I’ve counted every minute
Every moment spent with you
Fearful you might walk away
I don’t know what I’d do.

I saw you at the coffee shop
Through the window sitting there
I saw you touch her face …. her lips
Then  stroke her long blonde hair.

Did you meet somewhere by accident
“On line” or in the park?
Was she someone that came on to you?
Did you meet there …. after dark?

Why can’t we talk about it?
Can’t you see that I’m upset?
What about our plans together?
Did you simply just forget?

What went wrong , tell me the reason
Are you bored …. want someone new?
I can change my hair …. my clothes …. my nails
Please …. tell me what to do.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

4 thoughts on “PLEASE”

  1. We say, “Eish!” in South Africa when something hurts someone this much. Let him go, is what I would say. But then hanging on has its merits for some. I have seen it done. When do we know we have won? Only when we one day see the Son.
    Best Wishes.


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