There you were…. so beautiful 
Hair glistening in the sun
Knew my day was shot to hell
So much for summer fun.

A thousand people filled the streets
Yet, I ran into you
One in a thousand ain’t good odds
Not much that I could do.

Told my friends that you’d be here
Just my luck…. I’d see you, too
The stars, the planets all aligned
Directing me to you.

Time stood still … the waters parted
Our eyes met ….  like before
A wrinkle in time ….  A blip and a nod
Then you opened up the door. 

Pandora’s box …. A rabbit hole
You know this won’t end well
Seeing you …. too much for me
A vision straight from hell.

The same hot rush… Can’t help myself
I trembled in your arms
Even after all this time
I’m spellbound by your charm.

How you been? You look good
Words spoken in slow motion
Mesmerized … yet, terrified
Overwhelmed with raw emotion.

I’ll text you my new number
Let’s get together … we’ll catch up
Inside I  shouted to myself
Are you crazy? What the fuck?

Though anxiously …. I forced a smile
Then walked on down the street
Hoping this was the last time 
That we would ever meet.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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