A thousand people filled the streets
Afraid I might see you
One in a thousand ain’t good odds
Somehow …. I guess I knew.

Thought aloud …. what would I do
If I ran into you?
Fearful I might fall apart
What would I … would I do?

Hoped destiny would intervene
No chance we’d meet again
But the moon …. the stars …the universe
Did not want this to end.,

There you were in front of me
The gates of hell had opened
I stood frozen ….para lyzed
My name so softly spoken.

Time stood still … the waters parted
Our eyes met …. like before
A wrinkle in time …. a blip and a nod
I was shaken right to the core.

The same hot rush… can’t help myself
Still spellbound by your charm.
You reached out to give me a hug
You held me in your arms.

Pandora’s box …. A rabbit hole
I knew this can’t end well
Seeing you …. too much for me
A vision straight from hell.

How ya been? You look good
Words spoken in slow motion
Mesmerized … yet, horrified
Overwhelmed with pure emotion.

Let’s get together, have a drink
You sounded so sincere
I tried to smile, to seem relaxed
While fighting back the tears.

I’ll text you my new number
Let’s get together … we’ll catch up
Inside I  shouted to myself
Are you crazy? What the fuck?

Though anxiously …. I forced a smile
Then walked on down the street
Hoping this was the last time 
That we would ever meet.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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