I didn’t know where this would lead
You wanted so much more from me
You held my  hand .… I held you back
Tried not to cry …. not to react. 

I couldn’t see three feet ahead
We spent way too much…time in bed
I was confused …. too much , too fast
There was no way that this could last.

No match for you …. could  not keep up
In time you’d simply had enough
I lost my luster  .… interest waned
I started feeling so ashamed.

Out of my mind .… so out of step
Left with sorrow and regret
Worlds apart …. we came unglued
Just wanted to be close to you.

Always searching …. wanting more
What was it you were looking for?
Prestige, assurance …. security 
The things you didn’t find in me. 

Nothing was the way it seemed
It felt like I was in a dream
Your words were garbled,  cold and strong
I heard you say this is all wrong.

I let go ….. I didn’t fight it
You weren’t amused, you weren’t excited
You cut the ties ….. dissolved the bond.
I looked for you, but you were gone.

Nothing left but skin and bones
Twice picked through … now left alone
Nothing there to hold onto
It was over…. I lost you.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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