We were young and foolish
Believed in love and fantasies
With demands and expectations
We fell in lust…. so easily.

The chemistry between us
That first kiss .. the thrill of desire
Your touch …the need … the craving
Was enough to start a fire.

The roar …. the heat…. the thunder
Hotter than the burning sun
If I had …. just an inkling
I may have seen the smoking gun.

Blinded by …. the lure of passion
One massive, twisted crush
Overwhelmed with sweet temptation
That would be the death of us.

The surge that once propelled us
Lost momentum over time
You can’t sustain the wild instincts
That consume your heart and mind.

The flames once raging have died down
All that remains are dust and ash
The smoldering ambers have lost their glow
That feeling couldn’t last.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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