Guess I should say, “Thank You , Baby”
Guess I  owe you one
Could have tried to make it work
But, I knew we were done.

All the while …. was devastated
Might say …. I lost my mind
It took some time …. I’m over you
It’s now my turn …. to shine.

Lightning bolts…. mega volts
Enough to make me shiver
Never thought we’d break it off
Thought we’d be friends forever.

Guess I should say, “Thank You, Baby”
So glad you walked away
You left me for someone else
You saved my life that day.

No point in  wishing you’d come back
It’s over I’ve moved on
You did me a favor, baby
So thankful that you’re gone. 

So “Thank you , Baby” …. I owe you
You shut and closed the door
No more crying over you
No whining anymore.

No looking back ….. been there, done that
Have finally seen the light
Stopped looking for a simple fix
A way to set things right.

No need for moonlight wishes
Or coins tossed in the air
I found someone who has my back
Someone who truly cares.

Don’t call or write , DM or text
You’re just no good for me
Finally over losing you
I’ve finally been set free. 



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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