One more day alone with you
One more kiss “Good Night”
Don’t you think you owe me that?
Stay with me tonight.

After all the years together
We’ll go our separate ways
Nothing much left to say
I’ll watch you walk away.

Candlelight and  rose petals
Nights of endless lust
There was a time you cared about 
What became of us.

Getting close… finding out
All your secrets ….all your dreams
Sharing every little thing
Wondering what it means.

Now mundane ….  heard it before 
Nothing new to talk about
Where did all the magic go
Things we couldn’t live without?

Comfort underrated 
It felt good to just relax
Be together…without judgement
Someone there that has your back.

Didn’t mean to be assuming
Took you for granted half the time
Didn’t realize what I did to you
Never meant to cross the line.

How about an instant replay
A do over… one last chance?
Let me make the effort
Let me have this one last dance.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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