Spiders and snakes
The call of the wild
That devilish grin
That sinister smile.

The passion ….. the yearning
So thrilling …. so sweet
All that you wanted
All that you need.

The sting of the bite
The surge thru your veins
Nothing will ever
Feel quite the same.

Drawn to the flame
You can’t walk away
It beckons  …… it calls
It begs you to stay. 

Out of control
Out of your mind
It renders you helpless
It works every time.

The venom …. the poison
Like nothing before
No way you could leave
You can’t find the door.

The shimmering tremors
The passion …. the lust
It’s more than a feeling
It’s more than a crush.

Consumed …. now elated
Overwhelmed with desire
You’re drawn to the heat
You’re drawn to the fire.



Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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