You are truly in your element
Do you have just what you need?
Was it worth the pain and torment
The hurt that you caused me?

Left alone …. along the wayside
Stepped over .… left for dead
Had no desire to be with me
Found someone else instead.

Have to wonder …. are you happy?
Have you found Utopia?
Does she make  you feel empowered 
Is she that spectacular?

Gotta be somewhat extraordinary
Never wanted to commit
Guess her dowry’s quite impressive
Had to have it… all of it.

The quest for fame and fortune
A plan …. well executed
Calculated …. set in motion
Guess you knew …. just how to do it.

Not one to bend …. to beg or bow
Consumed with raw ambition
A force to be acknowledged
A successful …. acquisition.


Photo from: bing.com/images

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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