Keep busy …. don’t dwell
Stop looking back
Let go and move forward
Don’t respond …. don’t react.

Focus …. find purpose
Don’t leave it to chance
Stop whining ….. stop crying
Don’t say that you can’t.

Don’t feed the dragon
Chase her away
You know she’ll be back
If she gets her way.

You’re on a mission
No leaks and no cracks
Be strong and empowered
Be on the attack.

Take charge …. hold the line
Don’t waiver ….  be strong
Stop wanting to be
Where you don’t belong.

Take hold ….. take control
The top of your game
You got this …. you know it
Just stay in your lane. 

They’ll be a light
At the end of the tunnel
You’ll find your way
Through the chaos .… the rubble.

Once thru the marsh 
Beyond the weeds 
You’ll find what you’ve wanted 
You’ll have what you need.


Photo from …..

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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