Too much for you to face each day
You needed an escape
You should have come and talked to me
Before it was too late.

You’re never coming back to me
You’re never coming home
You left me here all by myself
You left me here alone.

You couldn’t wait …. it hurt too much
You pushed us all away
What did I do to make you want
To end your life this way?

All the pointless questions
So many senseless lies
Too young to go …. to pack it in
Too soon to say …. Goodbye.

No note and no forewarning 
I came home and found you there
No excuse or explanation
Did you think I wouldn’t care?

Cold to the touch .… so harsh so cruel
My baby …. my best friend
You’ve been taken from me now
No chance to start again.

I held your hand …. I kissed your cheek
Then I began  to wail
Was I to blame … was this my fault?
I guess that I had failed.

Called 911 .…. waited with you
It wasn’t very long
They tried their best …. It was too late 
They said that you were gone.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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