Off the leash…. running 
So wild and so free
Releasing the child
The child within me.

Letting go of the anguish
Learning to fly
Walking away
With my head held up high.

Giving in …. having to
Just give it up
It’s time to face it
Yes …. I’ve had enough.

Don’t ask any questions
Don’t weep …. no, don’t cry
Sometimes it gets better
When we say Goodbye.

Up in the clouds
Beyond the stars
Utopia waits
Though it seems …. oh so far.

No time to waste
There’s fun to be had
Stop being so angry
Stop being so mad

Let it all go
Run like the wind
This is your chance 
To start over again.


Photo from:dream/

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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