Spare me the drama
The crocodile tears
Don’t mean what they did
When I first got here.

Like in a movie 
You’re playing a part
You turned on the tears
Before breaking my heart. 

Nothing about you
Is honest or true
It took me awhile
But I see right through you.

You set the stage
The candles … the wine
I was enthralled 
With you every time. 

But, you’re  an imposter
A fake ….. just a con
You’ll take what you want
And then you’ll be gone.

So many dreams 
So many lives
Crushed in your wake
When you say Goodbye. 

Innocence …. kindness
The challenge …. the fun
The grief and the sadness
Before you are done. 

A beautiful cover
With an empty shell
A glimpse at the devil
Coming straight out of hell.

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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