I know you’re feeling overwhelmed 
It seems apparent …. one can tell
When you’re bursting at the seams
You do and say … things you don’t mean.

Can’t you see…. we want to help?
Why don’t you stop the urge to yell?
The slightest comment sets you off
I know it’s not … what you were taught.

Your children stand there paralyzed
Can’t you see they’re terrified?
What kind of message are you sending?
Look at their faces… they are cringing.

Stop looking for ….  someone to blame
Life’s  not a contest …. or  a game
Stop  projecting all your fears 
Why not step back …. start shifting gears?

So defensive … maybe unsure
Don’t need to be ….. so insecure
Don’t be so quick … quick to react
Put up your guard…. start  to attack.

Don’t bite the hand that tries to help
You’re not alone …. not by yourself
After all that you’ve received
You push away the ones you need. 

All the rage you have within
Is going to hurt you in the end
You’ll be standing all alone
Those that cared …. will all be gone.

No one can stop you … once you start
You push ahead .… you go too far
The stress won’t do you any good
Why won’t you act the way you should?

It doesn’t matter if you’re right
Sometimes it’s better not to fight
Take the high road …. let it go
Don’t let your feelings always show.

Contain your anger … get a grip 
Find a lid …. to put on it
Show your strength by self control
Make staying calm … your quest, your goal. 


Photo by:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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