Can’t come down
If I wanted to
Can’t stop myself
From hurting you.

Out of control 
Out of my mind
It always happens
Every time.

I start to climb
I shake …. I shiver
I can’t let go
I start to quiver. 

Like I’m possessed 
I’m in a trance
Can’t stop this feeling
I know …. I can’t.

The rage ….. the fury
Anger within
The force … the power 
It all begins.

No rhyme or reason
No alibis
I’m in the zone
Can’t weep ….  can’t cry.

Won’t give in
Won’t bend … won’t bow
I’m flying high
I’m soaring now.

I can’t stop
No reasoning
Can’t get to me
No pandering.

I’m right ….. you’re wrong
Feel justified
High on my horse
It’s do or die. 

Yes, I’m unstable
I’m off the wall
I’m full of anger 
About to fall.

I need a doctor
I need some help
I can’t control
Control my self.


Photo by:

Author: Patty Richardson

Writer: Film scripts, poetry, short stories.

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